Why Should I download Climate Data Files from Climate.OneBuilding?

  • Annual and monthly design conditions from Chapter 14, 2021 ASHRAE Handbook-Fundamentals
  • Design conditions from another location in the 2021 Fundamentals substituted when none are available for that location
  • Annual design conditions calculated from source weather data in absence of ASHRAE design conditions.
  • Frequent updates as new weather data sets and design conditions are released
  • Consistent, validated, specific location naming:
    • USA_VA_Arlington-Reagan.Washington.National.AP or USA_VA_Sterling-Washington.Dulles.Intl.AP instead of Washington, DC
    • Additionally, WMO (World Meterological Organization designation is included)
  • Hourly precipitation in a separate file for direct use in simulations (where source data includes precipitation)
  • Extensive quality checking to identify and correct data errors and out of normal range values where appropriate. All changes -- alternate design condition locations and corrections to data -- are documented on the web site for each data set.
  • DAYSIM/Radiance wea format files included in zip files for weather. ** All new and then updated files.  Thanks, Rob and Tito for the help! See Radiance and DAYSIM sites for more information on both packages.
  • ESP-r ascii format files (clm) included in zip files for weather. ** All new and then updated files.  Thanks, Jon for the help! See ESP-r site for more information.
  • PVsyst format files (pvsyst) included in zip files for weather. Endorsement from PVsyst support.
  • NatHERS format files are included in zip files for Australia. Thanks, Anir for the suggestion.
  • Coming soon :
    • Select locations from maps (or text/table as now)
    • Graphic display of summary statistic
    • See the news page for current status and future data sets, and lots more stuff...
  • Hey, we created the EPW so we know what should be there!