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This website contains typical, single-year climate data files in EPW format from many publicly available data sets from around the world.

July 2023 - CWEC2020 v2 (564 sites) and CWEC TDY 2020 (564 sites)

July 2023 - Updated Uruguay AMTUes data to V2.5.

November 2022 - New Building Reference Year and Future Climate Data set for 564 Canadian Locations.  Details on the sources page.

May 2022 - CWEC 2020 - 564 locations added

April 2022 - Completely updated worldwide TMYx dataset which adds more than 2500 new locations (>15% increase), bringing the total to more than 16,100 locations. These include weather station meteorology data through 2021 and corresponding solar radiation from the ERA5 reanalysis data set. The ERA5 data, courtesy of Oikolab,  provides a comprehensive, worldwide gridded solar radiation data set based on satellite data. The new data (and all other weather files on the site including the 2004-2018 TMYx) also now include the latest ASHRAE 2021 design conditions.

TMYx climate files in this update -- locations/recent (2007-2021):

  • WMO Region 1 (Africa) 1303 locations, 1162 recent (^45%)
  • WMO Region 2 (Asia) 2764 locations, 2215 recent (^25%)
  • WMO Region 2 (Asia) / Region 6 (Europe) – Russia 1488 locations, 976 recent (^6%)
  • WMO Region 3 (South America) 1095 locations, 959 recent (^54%)
  • WMO Region 4 (North and Central America, Caribbean except USA and Canada) 450 locations, 411 recent (^35%)
  • WMO Region 4 (USA) 2988 locations, 2713 recent (^16%)
  • WMO Region 4 (Canada) 869 locations, 830 recent (^4%)
  • WMO Region 5 (Southwest Pacific) 1134 locations, 1219 recent (^5%)
  • WMO Region 6 (Europe) 3781 locations, 2455 recent (^9%)
  • WMO Region 7 (Antarctica) 114 locations, 98 recent (^130%)

Another new data set are the hourly Climate Normals for the U.S. These are typical climate conditions for thousands of locations across the United States. Normals are calculated for a uniform 30-year period, and consist of annual/seasonal, monthly, daily, and hourly averages and statistics of temperature, precipitation, and other climatological variables from almost 15,000 U.S. weather stations. We have converted the hourly normal for the 600 stations available each for 1981-2010, 1991-2020, and 2006-2020 into EPW and other formats.

February 2020 - Updated Worldwide Building Simulation Climate Data set available. Now includes 2018 data (where available) with recent TMYx based on 2004-2018 data. Overall, a few more locations worldwide than in last year's update, with 13,553 locations and 10,687 recent TMYx. For locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and much of South America, solar data from NSRDB PSM V3 ( are included.

September 2019 - New Simulation Climate Data set (4981 files) for United States of America. Now including 2018 (TMYx based on 2004-2018 data) in our TMYx data. Also including NSRDB PSM V3 ( solar data for appropriate files.

July 2019 - New Simulation Climate Data set (1634 files) for Canada. Now including 2018 (TMYx based on 2004-2018 data) in our TMYx data. Also including NSRDB PSM V3 ( solar data for appropriate files.

March 2019 - New Simulation Climate Data set (3520 files) for the following countries: Aland Islands, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden and Switzerland.

February 2019 - New Simulation Climate Data set (1791 files) for the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan.

February 2019 - New Simulation Climate Data set (3683 files) for the following countries: Russia (both Europe and Asia), Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Europe: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia (FYRO Macedonia), Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. We were helped (tremendously) with the Russian names by Sergey Zhukovskiy.  Any mistakes in any of the countries are ours, of course.

November 2018 - New Simulation Climate Data Set for "Middle East" (499) - Countries: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Syrian Arab Republic.  This in addition to the earlier posting for Kuwait.

October 2018 - New Simulation Climate Data Set for Africa (1525), South Asia (878), Western Asia-Kuwait (47), Southwest Pacific/Australasia (1953), portions of Europe (1352), and updated Antarctica (172)

July 2018 - 22 Korean (South Korea) climate/weather files are available - from PHIKO - Passive House Institute Korea

Apr 2018 - New Simulation Climate Data Set for Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America and Antarctica Available

A new simulation climate data set (TMYx) is now available for locations in Mexico, Caribbean, Central, South America and Antarctica, derived from the ISD (US NOAA's Integrated Surface Database) with hourly data through 2017. TMYxs for more than 1600 locations in the Americas are available. There may be two TMYxs for a location, e.g., MEX_MEX_Cuidad.Mexico-Juarez.Intl.AP.766793_TMYx, and MEX_MEX_Cuidad.Mexico-Juarez.Intl.AP.766793_TMYx.2003-2017. In these cases, there's a TMY for the entire period of record and a second TMY for the most recent 15 years (2003-2017). Not all locations have recent data.

TMY3a (US and some others), TMY (US and some others), US Normals (US and some others), CWEC (Canada), CTZ (California Climate Zones), CSWD (Chinese Standard Weather Data), BBSR (Germany), NIWA (New Zealand), RMY 2012 (Australia), IMS (Israel), ITMY (Iran), SWERA (multiple countries), INMET and TRY (Brazil), City University of Hong Kong, ISHRAE (India), IMGW (Poland), KISR (Kuwait), JGMY (Japan generated weather), TurTMY (Turkey), ArgTMY (Argentina) and Uruguay (AMTUes) sources have been loaded. Stay tuned to this page for further updates.

TMYx - see below for details on locations. TMYx files are derived from ISD (US NOAA's Integrated Surface Database) with hourly data through 2021. TMYx files are created using the general principles from the IWEC (International Weather for Energy Calculations) that was published in 2001. The resultant files have been peer reviewed by interested parties.

A papers section has been added.

Weather Data Sets Currently Available

  • TMYx WMO Region 1 - Africa 1301 locations, 1162 recent (2007-2021 data), 707 recent (2004-2018 data)*  <<Updated!
  • TMYx WMO Region 2 - Asia 2738 locations, 2218 recent (2007-2021), 1664 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
  • TMYx WMO Region 2 - Asia / Region 6 Europe - Russia 1478 locations, 976 recent (2007-2021), 834 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
  • TMYx WMO Region 3 - South America 1077 locations, 960 recent (2007-2021), 511 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
  • TMYx WMO Region 4 - North and Central America, Caribbean except USA and Canada 450 locations, 412 recent (2007-2021),
                     268 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
  • TMYx WMO Region 4 - North and Central America, USA 2844 locations, 2692 recent (2007-2021), 2396 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
  • TMYx WMO Region 4 - North and Central America, Canada 911 locations, 866 recent (2007-2021), 795 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
  • TMYx WMO Region 5 - Southwest Pacific 1313 locations, 1219 recent (2007-2021), 928 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
    (Note: Physically and politically Hawaii is part of United States of America, but WMOs indicate Southwest Pacific Region - Hawaii files are available in both regions).
  • TMYx WMO Region 6 - Europe 3708 locations, 3148 recent (2007-2021), 2545 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
    (Note: Physically Greenland appears to be part of North America, but WMOs indicate Europe - these files are available in both locations).
  • TMYx WMO Region 7 - Antarctica 109 locations, 98 recent (2007-2021), 39 (2004-2018)*  <<Updated!
  • PHIKO TRY South Korea 22 locations* 
    A Test Reference Year (TRY) was created, based on ISO 15927-4:2005 for assessing the annual energy use. The TRY is based on measured data from the years 2005 till 2014 sourced by Korea Meteorological Administration. The preparation of the TRY was performed by Passive House Institute Korea.
  • AMTUes 5 locations* >5 locations, Uruguay: Alonso-Suárez R., Bidegain, M., Abal, G., Modernell, P. Año Meteorológico Típico para Aplicaciones de Energía Solar (AMTUes): series típicas horarias para 5 sitios del Uruguay. Memoria Técnica del LES/UdelaR, versión 2.4, junio 2016. AMTUes website: AMTUes Technical Report:
  • CWEC 2016 492 locations* 
    492 locations, Canadian Weather for Energy Calculations, Environment Canada, with data through 2014
  • CTZ 2016 102 locations* 
    102 locations, California Climate Zone California Title 24, United States of America, developed for the California Energy Commission
  • TurTMY 81 locations* 
    81 locations, Turkey Climate Data Set Prepared by Dr. Saban PUSAT; In some stations relative humidity was not available. For these monthly mean relative humidity data table has been added. Saban Pusat, Ýsmail Ekmekçi, Mustafa Tahir Akkoyunlu, Generation of typical meteorological year for different climates of Turkey, Renewable Energy, Volume 75, March 2015, Pages 144-151, ISSN 0960-1481,
  • ArgTMY 15 locations* 
    15 locations, Generation of typical meteorological years for Argentine Littoral Region, Facundo Bre and Victor Fachinotti, Energy and Buildings, Volume 129, 1 October 2016, Pages 432–444, Argentine Data Set - Bre/Fachinotti - CIMEC/CONICET - Basic data measured by CIM/SMN (1994-2014)
  • JGMY 157 locations* 
    157 locations, Generated data set developed by Larry Degelman, Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Texas A&M University. The data set is synthetically generated (statistically correct) data.
  • TMY 12 locations 
    12 locations, TMY data set developed by the National Renewal Energy Laboratory. These 12 locations are not duplicated in the later TMY3/TMY3a data. Names and some locations were changed.
  • KISR 2 locations, Kuwait - REMOVED
    2 locations, Kuwait developed by developed by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) based on measured meteorological data for Kuwait International Airport and KISR's coastal weather station.
  • IMGW 61 locations, Poland
    61 locations, Poland developed by the Polish Ministerstwo Infrastruktury based on data from the Instytutu Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej (IMGW).
  • TMY3a (update of TMY3 Jan 2015)*
    1020 locations, United States of America, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam Pacific, developed by National Renewal Energy Laboratory. In addition to the updates made to create the TMY3a, extensive verification and updating of location names (635 files), 99 locations corrected (including lat/long, timezone, elevation -- in selected), and 285 files data issues fixed..
  • ISHRAE 2014*
    India 62 locations
  • INMET* and TRY*
    411 locations and 17 locations, respectively, Brazil and one location in Antarctica
    87 locations
    , 11 countries (8 Bangladesh, 1 Belize, 18 Cuba, 9 Ethiopia, 1 Ghana, 5 Guatemala, 8 Honduras, 23 Kenya, 2 Maldives, 3 Nicaragua, 9 Sri Lanka, locations in Brazil and China not included)
  • City University of Hong Kong
    1 location (Hong Kong) jointly developed by Dr TT Chow and ALS Chan of the City University of Hong Kong supported by a CERG grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. Solar radiation measured from observatory station at 22.32 N, 114.17 E, 65 m above mean sea level.
  • ITMY
    6 locations, Iran, developed by Iran Building and Housing Research Center
  • RMY 2012*
    69 locations, Australia, 50% (A), 33% (B) and 17% (C) solar weight versions, developed for the Australian National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) 2012 by NIWA
  • IMS*
    4 locations, Israel, developed by Technion using data from the Israel Meteorological Service (IMS)
  • BBSR*
    15 locations, Germany, current (jahr, somm, wint) and 2035 (jahr, somm, wint) versions, developed by BBSR (Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung) and DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst)
  • NIWA
    18 locations, New Zealand, developed by NIWA (New Zealand National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research) for EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority)
  • CWEC
    80 locations, Canada, developed by Numerical Logics in collaboration with Environment Canada and the National Research Council of Canada
  • California Climate Zone Data
    16 locations (CTZ v2), 86 locations (CTZ 2010*), 102 locations (CTZ 2016*) California Title 24, United States of America, developed for the California Energy Commission
  • Chinese Standard Weather Data (CSWD)
    270 locations, China, developed by Department of Building Science and Technology at Tsinghua University and China Meteorological Bureau

New Data Sets in Progress

  • a few others we just started working with

*Not available on DOE EnergyPlus web site.